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Clever Harold – The Shocking First Exclusive!

Clever Harold was once an ambitious sheep, caring so much for his
fellow ovis that he tried to teach them to fly free of their
life of grazing before eventually being eaten.

His prospects ruined from the inevitable demise of his beloved ram
brothers and ewe sisters, Clever Harold claims to have escaped and
started grazing down a different road. Now he claims to be a web
framework, one written in Python.

And we have the the incredible first interview. Read on dear reader,
but brace yourself for graphic dialog.

Troy Melhase: So, just who or what is Clever Harold?

Clever Harold: I’m an software package, a web framework written in
Python, and its anthropomorphic representation.

TM: Anthro.. framework what? Another Python web framework? You’re
kidding! The community will eat you for breakfast!

CH: Bah! They’re mostly vegetarians, and they’re all programmers. I
think I’m safe.

TM: But there are too many Python web frameworks, don’t you think?

CH: You’re not very quick, are you? If I thought that, I’d have
stayed with the shepherd and got eaten. Or worse!

TM: But clever, isn’t that going against the grain, too?

CH: Dude, there’s nothing clever about a sheep trying to fly. And
there’s certainly nothing in my code that’s clever. I know better
now, after the incident.

TM: Well, why then should anyone use you as a web framework? I mean,
you’re only at 0.1, and that makes you just a lamb.

CH: Stop it with the sheepisms, okay? They got old faster than this

TM: Ouch. But why not contribute your time and energy to an existing
project? The world doesn’t need another Python web framework!

CH: Four words, oh yea sheepophobe: less code, more features!

TM: Features, what features?

CH: More features than you can shake with a shepherd’s staff.

TM: So, you would say you’re bleating edge?

CH: Interview’s over!

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, straight from the
mutton’s mouth. Stay tuned to this channel for more exciting
developments from this ambitious ram run amuck.

Exclusive footage and documentaries available online! Visit
[http://www.cleverharold.org/](http://www.cleverharold.org/) for more many more details you don’t want
to miss.

Until next time, dear readers, good night, and happy counting sheep.


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