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KBerylSettings – Beryl Settings for KDE

Yo, ho, ho and a bucket of prawns! There’s a Beryl Settings manager for KDE in the Beryl Project SVN repository. A picture is worth a
thousand words:

And another thousand:

There’s lots of features and lots of integration with KDE:

  • three (count ’em, three!) different views: tree, icon and category
  • search: find those settings faster than ever
  • KIconLoader – applies KDE icon effects to beryl setting icons
  • KTipDialog – nice daily tip in a dialog
  • KSystemTray – because icons belong in the corners of your screen
  • KIntNumInput/KDoubleNumInput – where the slider married the spinbox
  • KURLRequester/KURLComboRequester – browse for files at the push of a button
  • KPassivePopup – balloons, do you like balloons?
  • KShortcutDialog – push keys like the KDE devs want you to push keys
  • KHTMLPart – for that just-like-kcontrol feeling

The app isn’t complete, but it’s ready for wide-spread testing. As of r2199, the biggest missing items are functional import/export profile, and the key binding dialog doesn’t pick up all keys. Both are something I’m working on.

To get all this gooey goodness, you’ll need to install beryl from SVN, install the beryl-settings-bindings/python package (also from beryl SVN), and the kberylsettings python package (you guessed it, from SVN, but this time, it’s not in the trunk, but rather a branch). Oh, and you’ll need Python 2.3 (or 2.4, or 2.5) and PyKDE 3.18.0. There’s a script called ‘kberylsettings-depcheck’ that will report any missing dependencies you need. Good luck!


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