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KBerylSettings – Beryl Settings for KDE

Yo, ho, ho and a bucket of prawns! There’s a Beryl Settings manager for KDE in the Beryl Project SVN repository. A picture is worth a
thousand words:

And another thousand:


The New PyKDE Sampler

Python is Goodness. KDE is Goodness. Put together, they become PyKDE, the Grand Supreme Goodness of desktop environment language bindings.

But there’s a grain of sand in the jelly. Between the three, there’s plenty of documentation but very little example code for PyKDE. Enter the new sampler application. Check it out:


Clever Harold – The Shocking First Exclusive!

Clever Harold was once an ambitious sheep, caring so much for his
fellow ovis that he tried to teach them to fly free of their
life of grazing before eventually being eaten.

His prospects ruined from the inevitable demise of his beloved ram
brothers and ewe sisters, Clever Harold claims to have escaped and
started grazing down a different road. Now he claims to be a web
framework, one written in Python.

And we have the the incredible first interview. Read on dear reader,
but brace yourself for graphic dialog.

PythonDoc Wiki Macro for Trac (Update)

Big updates for a small module. The TracPythonDoc wiki macro now has enough features for real use.

PythonDoc Wiki Macro for Trac

In a time long, long ago in a cubicle far, far away, I once wrote a wiki macro for Trac to generate documentation from python modules in a Subversion repository using PythonDoc.

SELECT Surprise

While experimenting with unicode values in Python, PostgreSQL and pyscopg2, I ran a little query like this:

>>> cur.execute("SELECT (note_id, body) FROM troy.morenotes")
>>> cur.fetchall()
[('(1,"The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plains.")',),
('(2,"Twenty dwarves did handstands on the carpet.")',),


Automatic Pickle Serialization and Deserialization with PostgreSQL

Building on the earlier success of creating a pickle data type in PostgreSQL, I’ve come up with this small and comfortable way of automatically serializing and de-serializing python pickles with PostgreSQL and psycopg2.